Mandarina Conditioner Bar


Our conditioner bars contain plant-based ingredients. All of our bars are scented with natural oils and boast nutritious vitamins for your hair! They apply well and leave your strands silky smooooth. These bars are perfect for any shower, and travel well.

Pair your conditioner bar with one of our shampoo bars!

You are going to fall in love with that citrus smell šŸŠ of mandarin, I can assure you that it will transport you to a tropical vacation šŸšŸ šŸ¬šŸŠ

Danox , Cetyl alcohol, Organic Almond Oil, Mango Butter, Shea Butter, Mandarin oil, Mandarin Essential Oil & VitaminE.

No SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate), preservatives, parabens, fillers, or silicones
Good for ALL hair types
Last for approximately 50-75 washes (or, 2-6 months) depending on the length and amount of your hair.
65 grams

Naturally Derived
šŸ’Æ Handmade
šŸ’Æ Vegan
šŸ’Æ Cruelty Free
šŸ’Æ Palm Oil Free
šŸ’Æ Soap Free
šŸ’Æ Plastic Free

How to use a conditioner bar: Glide the bar over your wet hair and massage in. Leave it on your hair for 1-3 minutes then rinse well. IMPORTANT: After each use we will let it dry place that does not allow direct contact with water. This product does not contain preservatives. Always try to store it in a dry environment.

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