About us

Hello, welcome! My name is Yaneth I am the creator of Alquimia Skin Care and I am a crazy passionate about nature and plants. I realized the power of plants some years ago. To re-connecting with myself made me question all my habits in terms of sel-care, if I was taking care of my diet and mental health, why shouldn't I worry about what was entering my skin?  

My products are humble, they are part of our day to day routine, handmade, with care, slwowly, with love and passion. This makes the person who has them receive in part all of that effort and love. Every time we acquire a handmade product, a kind of ceremony or ritual opens up whitin ourselves inadvertently, where we consciously value the product in our hands. We want to make the most of it, consciously enjoy it without thinking that halfway through use we will discard it. It is very joyful to see the finished product because it has a story behind it. 

Every time you buy one of my products I believe a little more in everything I do. You fill it with meaning.   

All my products are made with top quality raw materials, organics, & natural ingredients & they are vegan, and absolutely cruelty free. 

Potions for the body and spirit.

Alquimia is aimed at being an education and communication platform around holistic and natural self-care.  

Thanks in advance for supporting my project. 

 With love,