Solar Lotion Bar

  • Solar Lotion Bar

In herbal astrological medicine, all created things have the stamp of the creative light, which is fundamentally divided into seven principles that are reflected as the seven planets or seven forces.

The Sun governs the heart and the vital spirit.

The bright Star.
It symbolizes our maximum power, the capacity to love and marks the way to expand the inner consciousness. The Sun symbolizes above all the source of light that allows life. It provides vital energy, heat and allows all organisms to grow and manifest.

With the inspirational sun and its vital energy we set ourselves the task of creating a lotion bar with plants subject to ☀️ and that in this way we can give our body solar energy in this winter and at the same time that it also leaves us moisturized and nourished skin.

Solar Lotion Bar ☀️
Ingredients: Organic apricot oil infused with calendula flower, organic shea butter, candelilla wax, organic coconut oil, bergamot, lavender & sage essential oils.