Rosemary + Cedarwood Beard & Mustache Oil

  • Rosemary + Cedarwood Beard & Mustache Oil

Our beard and mustache oil have so many benefits. Each ingredient is specially selected for the care of facial hair.
The beard and mustache need special attention since it is an area exposed to pollution, sun and other factors that can cause “frizz” or mistreat facial hair. Our beard and mustache oil contains vitamin E that helps the growth and strengthening of facial hair, keeping your beard and mustache healthy, soft and manageable. Made with 100% natural ingredients.

Antioxidant, anti-inflammatory.
Stimulates the growth of facial hair and protects it from bacteria.
Nourishes and moisturizes the skin and hair.
Provides elasticity, firmness and luminosity to the skin.

Antiseptic, anti-inflammatory.
Increase circulation.
Stimulates the growth of new facial hair.
Helps maintain the appearance of radiant skin & Strong and healthy hair.

After cleansing apply 3-4 drops between the palms of your hands and gently rub into the beard and mustache. Remember to store your oil in a cold, dry place and out of direct sunlight.

Ingredients: Rosemary infused in organic jojoba oil, Cedarwood oil & organic sweet almond oil. 1 oz