Botanical make up

  • Botanical make up
  • Botanical make up
  • Botanical make up

Powders based on natural extracts with multiple benefits ⬇️

Natural watercolors for the skin, as versatile as you want!!!!

They can be used on all skins, including allergic, very sensitive with skin conditions. Children can also use it as long as they are accompanied.

We make vegetable pigments from a variety of foods such as: spinach, green and blue spirulina, aloe vera, matcha, turmeric, tomato, raspberry, strawberries, beets, red cabbage, hibiscus, mango, carrot, and many more varieties.

Fruit/Vegetable/Flower/Root/Mineral Based Nutricosmetic Powders

Protects, nourishes and is multifaceted.

Give it infinite uses

Excellent for making makeup with lines (eyeliners)
Powder Shadows
Artistic makeup
lip powder
They are waterproof
They are versatile and with a strong and surprising color.

Yellow: Turmeric, Mango, Carrot and Micas.

White Highlighter: Glitter, Carrot and Zinc Oxide.

Pink: Beetroot, Hibiscus, Blackberry, Raspberry, Tomato and Micas

Blue : Minerals + Blue Spirulina

Green: Spinach, Aloe Vera, Matcha, Spirulina and Micas.

Purple: Red Cabbage and Mica.